Bible Version Statement

Since the choice of Bible versions continues to be a divisive issue among our brethren, we will present our position.

Faith Baptist is neither King James Only nor is it Only King James. There is no real difference between these positions, and the schism caused by the battle over the versions has not been for the edification of the church. That being said, the pulpit translation at Faith is currently the King James Version –  the updated 1769 edition, since use of the 1611 AV is impractical. First, it includes the Apocrypha which holds no claim to inspiration, and, second, it is written in nearly unreadable old English. The choice of the King James is a practical one since most of our people grew upon on this translation and are very familiar with it as a working translation of the Bible. However, modern translations are encouraged for Bible study and personal growth in grasping the meaning of Scripture.