Philosophy of Ministry

Faith Baptist Church is a conservative, independent, fundamental Baptist church. Bringing God glory through our ministry philosophy and conduct is our highest goal and purpose. 

Conservative means that Faith is not going to be on the cutting edge of every new method and scheme devised for church growth. We desire to be a God-sensitive church committed to Bible preaching and teaching so that individual believers will be grounded in doctrine. Using modern designations our music would be considered traditional. Although music is an important component of our corporate worship of God, music compliment and support the service rather than being a stand alone ministry. Our emphasis is on the corporate function of music rather than the entertainment model that is prevalent in our contemporary church climate.

Independent means that Faith is an autonomous, self-governing local assembly of believers. Decisions in our church are not governed by any outside authority other than God’s Word. One a state level we are a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches, which is a fellowship of churches gathered around similar beliefs and practices. On a national level we are affiliated with the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches.

Fundamental means that our church supports and defends the foundational doctrines of Scripture. While we understand that latitude for disagreement exists on certain passage of Scripture, we believer that many doctrines (i.e., the authority of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the substitutionary death of Christ, the Trinity, etc.) are so clearly supported by Scripture to they cannot be compromised. These would be doctrinal positions that we hold which requires ecclesiastical separation from those who reject or hold these doctrines in doubt.

Baptist means that we are unashamedly Baptist. Although titles change meanings through the years, the historic position of Baptist is one that is worthwhile defending and continuing. An acrostic may help to clarify the Baptist positions that Faith continues to promote:

  • B – Bible is the only rule of faith and practice
  • A – Autonomy of the local church
  • P  – Priesthood of the believer
  • T  – Two officers in the church (Pastor and Deacon)
  • I  – Immersed and regenerate church membership
  • S  – Separation of church and state
  • T  – Two ordinances (Lord’s Table and Baptism)
  • S  – Separation theologically and ecclesiastically